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Camera sunglasses are a novel product. With the current evolution of consumer electronics, consumers are demanding smaller devices that can store, collect, and distribute information. Moreover, as technology becomes more advanced and designers are breaking down the barriers inhert in consumer electronics, fashion, and function new devices have been born. One of these divices is camera sunglasses.

Candid Photos

Camera sunglasses provide consumers with a unique, and discreet way to collect candid photographs. People can now be out at the beach, the mall, or even on the street and take pictures of people and objects. The relatively small size of camera sunglases makes these products an ideal portable electronic device. One of the most novel features about camera sunglasses is that to take a picutre, you only need to look through the eyepiece.

Concealed Camera

Camera sunglases often have a small, concealed camera mounted on the side of the eye piece. This cameras then can transmit data through the side pices and into wires that are inside of the strap. These can then be downloaded into a palm, a notebook conputer, or bluetooth wireless device.


Other camera sunglasses will likely remove most of the wires altogether and will provide standard connectivity to wireless devices. While camera sunglasses often cost a lot of money, due to the electronics, it is likely that sunglass designers will likely begin to incorporate some of these features into some of their top models.

Mainstream Adoption

While once relegated to spying and the world of fantasy, camera sunglasses are likely to become more mainstream. They could also be one of the key factors in the evolution of consumer electronics devices in some countries, cities, or regions. It is also likely that as they evolve, the cost will come down and people will realize novel new uses for them.

Clearly, there are several factors affecting adoption of camera sunglasses. The first is the size of the camera. Cameras are becoming smaller and more compact. This makes it easier to fit in sunglasses. The second is the increased power and resolution of the cameras. The third is better battery technology. Finally, wireless technology is also serving to drive the adoption of these sunglasses along with interoperability with other electronic devices.

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