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When digital cameras came out on the market, people went crazy at this high tech device. However, there is now something even more incredible - camera sunglasses. Although just coming out for sale, the basic prototype was developed by Hewlett Packard. They were able to build a camera right into the sunglasses whereby the person wearing them could take pictures and no one would be the wiser.

Privacy Concerns

While this sounds great, and in many cases it is, there are some concerns over privacy invasion, which is something still being worked out. To preserve privacy, this pair of camera sunglasses has an off-switch so the wearer is not constantly snapping images. However, if the individual were to leave the camera on, they would end up with a lot of unwanted images.

Because of this, Hewlett Packard also developed a system to handle image overload. With this, information about the images is captured so it can be determined if a subject being snapped is turning or walking. Additionally, this special system looks at pictures of people smiling, as well as those looking right into the lens. With this type of information, Hewlett Packard can work to make the camera sunglasses even better.

General Uses

Okay, so what do people use camera sunglasses for? The answer is many things. For example, during test studies, this device was used to take images of children playing catch while another test party used the sunglasses while playing football. Then, there are those who love this type of convenience for situations where carrying bulky and heavy film equipment would be impossible.

In this situation, you might see someone skydiving, bungee jumping, or parasailing choosing to wear a pair of camera sunglasses. These sunglasses also work great for backpacking, camping, extreme sports, as well as snow skiing, water skiing, and so on. The possibilities for wearing a pair of camera sunglasses are endless and the style of the glasses themselves very stylish.

Interchangeable Lenses

In addition, these sunglasses are designed with interchangeable lenses so you can wear them for both indoor and outdoor use. The wire is discretely hidden in the leash and the lens in the bridge. This amazing technology coupled with the portable conversion video digital recorder that you could carry and you can see why the camera sunglasses are so popular. Once the get out on the market in more than just a beta test, they will sell like hotcakes.

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