Bluetooth Sunglasses

Many people are currently enjoying the benefits of bluetooth wireless devices. These people can access the Internet from anywhere and can readily transfer information from one device to another. This article will seek to describe a new innovation in consumer electronics - bluetooth sunglasses.


One of the most promising new Bluetooth enabled sunglasses is Razrwire from Oakley. This sunglasses are now availble for sale and feature a price point of about $295. These sunglasses work by allowing a person to receive wireless call from a bluetooth device and to run the call through the sunglasses. In essence, the sunglasses will act as the receiver for the phone.


Cleary, this presents a lot of benefits. First, a person can take calls through his or her sunglasses. Second, the person will have their hands free to do some other activity. This can be some kind of sporting activity. The person is also free to move around and to get papers or other items while they are talking. The sunglasses also look cool. They also provide important UV prtection.

The Oakley sunglasses are possibly some of the most well designed sunglasses for this purpose. They look good and feature Oakley's classic look and feel. Moreover, these sunglasses have the electronics located on the side of the glasses and consequently, are very portable.

Bluetooth Sunglasses

Clearly Bluetooth Sunglasses are an important development in the evolution of consumer electronic devices. In the future, it is likely that there will be an even larger convergence between devices like mobile phones and laptops and other consumer devices like sunglasses or headphones. IT may be that in the future, there will be one main device and then other subset devices that can connect to the main device to transfer photos, video, text, images, or other files.

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