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When it comes to spy equipment, this is something that has been around for many years. Although 30 years ago the word spy conjured up thoughts of people wearing black clothing and giving away country secrets, today that same word means much more. About 10 years ago, the world of hidden cameras became public knowledge as more and more parents leaving their children with hired babysitters were finding that proper care was not being given. However, to protect their child and prove their case, hidden camera were placed within the home with astounding results.

Since that time, hidden cameras have become even smaller, meaning they can be hidden in all types of things, one of them being sunglasses. Of all the types of hidden or spy cameras on the market, sunglasses are one of the newest. The nice thing about using spy sunglasses is that because of the amazing style, they look just like designer glasses so know one would know any difference.

Spy Cameras

While camera sunglasses would be a great choice for people that participate in extreme sports, bungee jump, or skydive, they also serve a purpose in the field of spying or private investigation. With the built-in video and six feet of micro video cable, this type of spy camera can capture all types of images and then by connecting to a television or VCR, share them.


The camera sunglasses themselves currently sell for around $550 to $600 but then if you want to enjoy add-ons, you will have to pay more. For instance, the color option is an additional $150, the 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver another $250, and so on. Just as with any new technology, at first the price will be enormous but as camera sunglasses become more and more popular, the price will begin to drop to something more affordable.


This type of spy camera has a 420 resolution for black and white and a 380 resolution for color. Weighing just five pounds, the images are amazing. Remember that when it comes to hidden cameras, there are certain laws that must be followed specific to privacy. Therefore, if you were interested in buying a pair of spy sunglasses, you want to take time to educate yourself on these laws so you do not accidentally end up getting yourself into trouble.

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