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Camera Sunglasses Buying Guide

There are many people interested in taking candid photos of other people, events, trips, celebrities, or other photo-worthy subjects. Camera sunglasses can be a good tool for realizing this goal. This article will attempt to summarize some of the camera sunglasses options on the market as of the date of this article (7-22-2008). It will also try to give you details on some of the capabilities of different camera sunglasses products.

Camera Resolution

One of the most important aspects of camera sunglasses is the resolution of the camera. This is important because if you are taking pictures, you want to obtain quality images. If the resolution is not great, then your pictures will be grainy or blurry. Most camera sunglasses on the market today have a resolution of between 500 pixels to 1.3 mega pixels. The high end of this range is decent, but is still not comparable to today's digital cameras. To get higher quality, you may have to get some specialty sunglasses.


In addition to the resolution, some camera sunglasses offer cameras with a video option. This allows you to take more than pictures using the hidden sunglasses camera, but also entire videos. Again, the resolution is not great, but is more than sufficient for most needs.

Wires / Power

Almost all camera sunglasses. Have wires that connect to a power source. If you are using camera sunglasses, this is obviously a big concern. The best camera sunglasses have discrete wires that look like they are part of the sunglasses themselves, are part of a band, or are very hard to see. Since the camera is small, it must be connected to another power source or to another portable electronic device.


Ideally, you want camera sunglasses that are compatible with other electronic devices and computers. This is important if you are taking a lot of pictures. You want to be able to download them from the camera into a good storage medium and later to download them onto the computer. You want the camera to work with other devices, batteries, and storage devices.


Although there are not many devices out there that have wireless compatibility, this is a desirable feature. Since this feature will reduce wires and ease transfer of information, video, and images from the camera to the device, it can be quite helpful.

Appropriate Use

Another thing to think about is how the camera sunglasses will be used. A child that ones to play "spy" with friends and take candid pictures, will have very different needs than a private investigator that is depending on his or her camera for an occupation. This is important when referencing all of the considerations listed above and in making a buying decision.

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