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With such huge strides in technology over the past 10 years, especially in the last five when it comes to camera, why should we be surprised that camera sunglasses were developed? Camera sunglasses are extremely convenient and can be taken anywhere. Best of all, because they are so discrete, they offer a type of undetectable color surveillance system.


For people working in the surveillance business or even those wanting to spy on someone, camera sunglasses make it possible. Typically, the camera piece is carefully hidden in the bridge of the glasses with all the required wiring tucked away neatly in the leash. This way, no one but you knows your sunglasses are actually a camera.

Small Cameras

In addition to surveillance, camera sunglasses are wonderful for taking on trips where lugging standard equipment would be difficult. For example, cross-country ski trips, skydiving, parasailing, mountain biking, and other similar situations would all be ideal for wearing camera glasses. You can even buy special glasses that have a transmitter that can be placed down the back of a shirt and when ready to enjoy the pictures, can be plugged into a VCR or camcorder.

With this feature of camera sunglasses, you can even send live video images to a VCR or television within 200 feet, although that technology is also being improved. Running on a simple 9-volt battery, you can take pictures with your camera sunglasses for up to four hours. However, you can purchase a six C or D cell battery pack if you need even more snap time.

Although people are becoming aware of more uses, one of the top areas where camera sunglasses are used is by people participating in extreme sports. Again, these individuals do not have time or room to carry heavy equipment so wearing sunglasses that will help them capture some amazing shots is a perfect solution.

HP Prototype

These sunglasses have become so popular that Hewlett Packard researchers have recently developed a prototype that not only takes pictures of what the wearer sees but this pair also has an off-switch as a means of preserving privacy.

With this HP system, to help with overload of too many images, information about images is captured by what is called metadata. This extra data is capable of tracking where and how a photograph was taken, and can even determine if a subject was turning or walking.

New Technology

Expect to see some amazing things on the horizon when it comes to camera sunglasses. In addition to the incredible technology, these sunglasses also look trendy and stylish. If you love gadgets and love to take photographs, then you might consider buying a pair for yourself.

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