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What are Camera Sunglasses?

Camera Sunglasses are similiar to standard sunglasses. However, they have a small camera mounted on the side of the sunglasses. This camera can be used to discreetly take picutres by looking through the eyepieces.

How are they used?
Camera sunglasses offer a novel way for taking pictures since there is no viewer that a person needs to look through. The lenses serve as the view and make it easy to take pictures.
 Spy Sunglasses
When someone thinks of camera sunglasses, they often think of spies like James Bond. Although this has typically been what sunglasses are used for, they are now becoming more mainstream.

  Sunglass Models
These sunglasses are functional and offer a chance to look cool and discrete while taking pictures. As new designers such as Oakley come out with new models, the glasses will look very good.

Bluetooth and Pictures
Bluetooth sunglasses are quite unique. These sunglasses can be equipped with a camera and can connect directly to a Bluetooth wireless device. Bluetooth is quite popular and camera sunglasses make a great way to collect photos for the device
Camera Convenience
These products can be used for many things. First, they can serve as the primary collection device for picures and elminate the need to point and shoot that typically comes with a digital camera or a cell phone. Hence they are quite convienent.
Currently, HP and Oakley are companies that have developed novel camera sunglasses.
Privacy Issues
Privacy is quite important. Many people do not like to have their picture taken without knowing about it. It is important to use camera sunglasses legally.
Camera Location
The camera on many types of sunglasses is mounted on one side, just behind the lenses. This camera can be quite small and offers controls for using it effectively.
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  Light Cameras

Since there is a camera attached to camera sunglasses. Manufacturers have tried to compesate by making the glasses themselves out of an extremely lightweight material.
  Wireless Sunglasses

Many wireless sunglasses that are used for taking pictures and sending them to a wireless device have a range of up to thirty feet depending on conditions.
 Mobile Phones

It is likely that camera sunglasses will be availble through mobile phone operators shortly. This means that they will be able to take pictures and send them to a mobile device like a cell phone.
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